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Vowing to Learn About Autism leads to Awareness and Opportunity
January 2017

When my son Mikey was first diagnosed with autism almost ten years ago, I swore I'd learn everything I could about autism and always strive to give him the help he needed to overcome his challenges. That vow has encompassed nearly a decade of laughs, tears, ups, and downs for both Mikey and me.

We were very fortunate early on to have Mikey accepted to a developmental school. It was there that I witnessed a few valuable lessons: I saw just how amazing our children with autism can be. I saw the dedication and love of the teachers and staff who worked tirelessly with these kids on a daily basis. And I saw the vital importance of a supportive autism community.

My efforts to help Mikey have grown to include spreading autism awareness and supporting the autism community whenever and wherever I can. I believe in using your natural talents when taking on challenges like this. That's why much of my efforts are focused on the blogs I've written for various autism charities (and my personal blog) and the messages I've composed when fundraising for those organizations. Through my writing, I've been able to move people to learn more about autism, help them to realize they're not alone, and to donate to our important causes. I've been flattered and honored that my blogs have appeared across the United States and reprinted in a number of other countries.

I look forward to a new year of opportunities to help spread awareness and strengthen the autism community in 2017. Won't you help me by supporting the EJ Autism Foundation?

Dan Olawski

Please help us raise funds for programs on Long Island that work with children diagnosed with autism.
*E J Autism Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charity eligible for matching funds.
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