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Thank you for considering EJ Autism Foundation as a charity you want to share your heart with. We have been partnering with TCS NYC Marathon for nearly 10 years and we are very proud of that! Now we have United Airlines Half Marathon spots!! Here are some FAQ:

1) How much money do I have to raise to run for EJ Autism Foundation?
You have to raise a minimum of $1250. This is not negotiable... it is a NYRR requirement and if you don't raise this amount, your credit card will be charged.

How can I raise $1250
Ask friends, family, coworkers, host an event..... the possibilities are endless. We are a Long Island based grass roots 501c 3 charity so we are eligible for matching funds. So, if someone works at a place that matches, a donation of $50 becomes $100.

Why run with you when I can run for a big name brand charity?
We don't give you the bells and whistles... if you are looking for this as motivation then we are the wrong charity for you. BUT, if you are looking for a charity that will tell you where the money you raised was donated? If you want to remain connected to what you spend 6 months or more working on... then consider us.

What kind of support do you offer? Can you be my coach?
Technically I can and could help you if need be. I was a 1:17 marathoner so I have been where you are. Typically however, we don't offer training packages or apps.

What do you do with the raised money?
EJ Autism doesn't believe in curing Autism... can you imagine if you told someone "I want to cure you?" What we believe in is providing tools that enable people on the spectrum to be the best that they can be. Individual and group settings considered. Examples include providing iPads, iPods, setting up situations/structures that allow people to learn how to live independently, employed and self directed.

What happens if I get hurt and can't run?
We need to know ASAP if this unfortunately happens. If we know in a timely fashion your spot can be used the following year.

What fundraising platform do I use?
All EJ Autism Foundation runners must use Hakusports.com with a link that we will provide for you.

Do I have to wear your race singlet?
We hope that you do! It's the only way we can find you!!

contact info:
Bea Huste-Petersen
631-521-4134 (text message only please)

Check back soon for new information.

Please help us raise funds for programs on Long Island that work with children diagnosed with autism.
*E J Autism Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charity eligible for matching funds.
Tax ID #: 32-0156987

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